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I recently had the great privilege of doing a shoot with Quills Coffee and their new roaster. This shop has been challenging the coffee culture in Louisville for some time now. With its inviting atmosphere, consistent baristas, excellent coffee, as well as strictly manual methods of brewing (a practice adopted in recent months), this shop has set new standards time and time again. Now, they move into the world of roasting their own beans. Along with this venture comes many excitements and challenges. But with John Letoto (below) heading up roasting, excellent management, and their solid staff in the shop, Quills Coffee will only continue to bring greater growth to the Louisville coffee culture. (If you would like any of these photos for your own use, please leave a comment below, and I will get the files to you.)


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Last night, Louisville coffee lovers banded together again, not only to enjoy delicious coffee and watch a latte art throwdown, but primarly to provide relief for victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Louisville folks participated in a silent auction, bidding on items from local musicians, artists, and breweries amongst other worthy pieces. Along with that, the latte art competition involved patrons bidding on the baristas drinks in the competitions, with some lattes selling for upwards of $10. Darren Jennings ended up winning the competition, and I just so happened to have won the bid on the winning latte. It tasted just as great as it looked. All in all, it was a great evening and another good progression in the comradery that is present in the Louisville coffee scene. Mad props goes to Jesse Harriot for organizing the event, all of the baristas and roasters involved, and Ryan Harrison for designing the poster. Be sure to come out to Quills next friday for part two of this event. Enjoy the shots I took below.

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Next week, my dear friend Matt Galyon and his wife Sara are moving to Boston to join The Boston Initiative and church planting effort being headed up by lead pastor Juan Maclean. We spent an hour or so on Saturday morning walking around Louiville, grabbing a few shots along the way. Here’s a few I came away with, though time with my friend was the real pleasure.

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A few shots I have taken on the Iphone while biking.

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Matt Argo, a friend of mine and roaster in Louisville, has recently purchased a beautiful roaster and has wasted no time in roasting and producing good work. He gave me a pound of the Bali Blue Moon to sample brew, and a couple of the cupping notes that I gave him are below. Be sure to support him in the future by buying his coffee. Also, please show local love to The Anchorage Cafe, a fairly new local shop that is doing some wonderful things for Louisville coffee and food. Prima Coffee is hosting their fourth Barista Bash there this evening at 8.


Coffee: Bali Blue Moon : Organic
Roast Date: November 20, 2010
Roaster: Matt Argo

Cupping 1

Brewing Parameters:
Brew Method: V60
Size 2 Paper Filters
.5 Liters (Aprox 16-17 oz) of Water
30 grams of Coffee
Water Temperature: 200 Degrees

Dry Aroma:
Sweet Milk Chocolate

Wet Aroma:
Fleshy Fruit: Like Ripe Cherries

Pine Needles – Like a Christmas Tree: Pleasant/Not like Grass
Cherry on the Back of the Palate
Delicious, Complex
Cupping 2

Brewing Parameters:
Brew Method: Siphon
400 ml of Water
25 Grams of Coffee
Water Temperature: 200 Degrees

Dry Aroma:
Milk Chocolate

Wet Aroma:

Very Complex/ Difficult to Pinpoint
Bittersweet Cherries: Like a sweet cough syrup that doesn’t exist. ☺
Red Wine
Lemon/Lime Zest on the back and sides of Palate
(The highlight here is the mouth-feel. In the mouth it is like a heavy red wine, incredibly smooth, silky and heavy.)

I consider all of the above to be Pros. The flavors were there and excellent. The mouth-feel, especially when brewed in the Siphon, was incredible.

I think this coffee was slightly under-roasted, but only slightly. While the flavors were there and quite good, it tasted a little “green” and underdeveloped, like the coffee was holding back some of what it really was. I would be interested to see this coffee brewed to a FC (Full City) or FC+.

Excellent work Matt!

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Friday night, coffee fiends from across Louisville and abroad joined once again to enjoy delicious coffee, brewing demonstrations, and a latte art throwdown. This time, the location was the new Java store. This Barista Bash was put on by the wonderful people at Prima Coffee. Matt Galyon, Philip Revell, and Sarah Welder gave three great brewing demonstrations (seen below). Here are a few shots that I grabbed throughout the night. I hope you enjoy. Click on any image to enlarge.

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Last Tuesday, Ashton took me to a great new gastropub in Louisville called The Blind Pig. I took a few shots with the Iphone while we were there. This place was excellent all around. Check out their website and more importantly, stop by for one of their excellent beers on tap or a delicious meal (like the Shepherds Pie with Bison and Lamb).

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