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Last night, Prima Coffee held their fourth Barista Bash at The Anchorage Cafe. It was a great night of delicious coffee, comraderie, and learning. Several took part in a “Best Cup” competition, which was won by one Chris Heiniger. All enjoyed delicious coffee from Counter Culture, Intelligentsia, and La Grange Roasters brewed by Matt Galyon and Lee Sill. It was especially wonderful to have  Jaime van Schndel of Barismo in our presence to teach us about coffee and the direction that third wave shops are going. A big thanks to the Anchorage Cafe and Prima Coffee for putting this event on, and for letting this amateur photographer get in their way a little bit to get these shots. Enjoy!


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Romance is often overcomplicated. Billboards and television would have modern men believe that romance is tied directly to the money spent, the outfit worn, or the extremity of the act of love presented. I have found that there are very simple ways of romancing my wife that have little to do with the price tag. For example, last Tuesday night my wife was feeling downcast about family not being able to visit us for Thanksgiving weekend due to illness. We had looked forward to roasting marshmallows and making smores with our nephews, and talking and eating with family. That night, as I went to the store to get a few necessities for the home, I picked up a a bottle of sparkling cider (a favorite of Ashton’s), some marshmallows, 70% dark chocolate, and some graham crackers. Ashton is kind of a chocolate snob and doesn’t really put up for anything less than 70% :). I went home and lit a candle, poured two glasses of cider (in our wine glasses to get a laugh), and made homemade smores in the oven. This simple gesture brought smiles and laughter to my wife’s face, and encouraged a very enjoyable evening talking with one another about God, life, and family.

So, if you are struggling in romancing your wife, don’t be afraid to be simple, and even silly sometimes. It is these things that are done in love that can warm your wife, and can cultivate a happy marriage.

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Last Tuesday, Ashton took me to a great new gastropub in Louisville called The Blind Pig. I took a few shots with the Iphone while we were there. This place was excellent all around. Check out their website and more importantly, stop by for one of their excellent beers on tap or a delicious meal (like the Shepherds Pie with Bison and Lamb).

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Mr. Pickens Speaks

“It’s funny, but the whole idea of heaven scares me just as much as hell. I guess the thought of living forever, me up there forever–even if it doesn’t hurt, even if it feels good and I’m happy all the time–still, it’s just too much. Then I think, okay, so maybe when you’re dead, you’re dead, and there’s no more you. I try that one out, and Lord, F.X., that one scares me just as much. I mean, what if it’s true what some people say, that there’s not going to be any Last Judgment? Doesn’t that seem just about as awfu as if there was going to be one? Think of people like Hitler and Nero and Castro, all of them getting off scot-free.”

-excerpt from Modern Baptists by James Wilcox.

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2271963883_4ecebeb0e32Here’s an encouraging illustration from the sermon entitled Justification: God’s Covenants are Not Annulled or Added to, preached by Ryan Fullerton yesterday at Immanuel Baptist Church.

Let’s say you have two jobs, and both of them at a restaraunt called “Charley’s.” One of them is in the West End and the other is in the East end. At both Charley’s you have the exact same job. You are a cook, “short order”, making fish n chips, club sandwiches, fries on the side, cleaning the grill, cleaning out the grease trap, taking out the garbage. . . you’re a cook. The kitchen at the Charley’s in the West End is just like the kitchen in the Charley’s in the East End. You are a cook in both places. But at one Charley’s your boss is a guy named Moe (short for Moses). Moe is excruciatingly fair. He tells you everyday when you get into work, “You do everything I tell you, and you will keep your job, and if you don’t your outta here.” And he’s not overly rigid, but he expects perfection. He is righteous, and he is fair. And on your best days you want to do a good job for Moe, you try but even then you are messing up the pickles, messing up the fries, you are getting the orders wrong, and then some days you are just livid with Moe, you could care less what he thinks, you are just sneaking out back for an extra break, you have no interest in even obeying him. And everyday at the end of your shift he reams you out and wails on you. . . perfectly fairly. . . and tells you all the things you know are right and true. You are a bad worker, and he ought to fire you on the spot like he promised, and he will fire you…very…soon.

Shifts over. . . And it’s hell and misery.

And you drive across town to the other Charley’s, where your bosses name is Jesus. And he tells you, “you worked a terrible shift last night. But I stayed late and cleaned up your mess. I covered everything you did wrong, and my Father who owns this place is delighted with you and your work. And I want you to know that you will never lose this job, and you are gonna own the restaurant some day. And now I want you to get to work and clean the grease trap, clean the grill, make the orders and get to work.”

In both places you are called to do the same things. And under Moses and under Christ, though there were differences, at the end of the day you are called to love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength and love your neighbor as yourself. What you are actually called to do is the same but the boss you are under is completely different. The covenant you are under is completely different. You are not under Moses who says “do this and live,” you are under Christ who says “I promise you I’ve done everything for your justification, I’ve done everything to earn your inheritance. You are my family, my offspring…now love. Don’t lie, don’t cheat, don’t steal, don’t murder. . . love me and love the brethren and fulfill my law.”

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To the Point: John

the-bookDo not love the world or the things in the world. “If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For all that is in the world–the desires of the flesh and the desires of the eyes and pride in possessions–is not from the Father but is from the world. And the world is passing away along with its desires, but whoever does the will of God abides forever. 1 John 2:15-17

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My Morning

Snow, a press of Guatemala, Bon Iver, Hebrew, Sunergos, Debussy. . . not bad at all.

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