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One of the most precious and important photos I will ever take.


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This post is mainly for family and friends, to see how big our little girl is getting. These were taken last Sunday.

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Our daughter finally learned how to roll over from belly to back this weekend. We are so proud of her, and we think she is proud of herself as well. Here is a tiny visual.

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Romance is often overcomplicated. Billboards and television would have modern men believe that romance is tied directly to the money spent, the outfit worn, or the extremity of the act of love presented. I have found that there are very simple ways of romancing my wife that have little to do with the price tag. For example, last Tuesday night my wife was feeling downcast about family not being able to visit us for Thanksgiving weekend due to illness. We had looked forward to roasting marshmallows and making smores with our nephews, and talking and eating with family. That night, as I went to the store to get a few necessities for the home, I picked up a a bottle of sparkling cider (a favorite of Ashton’s), some marshmallows, 70% dark chocolate, and some graham crackers. Ashton is kind of a chocolate snob and doesn’t really put up for anything less than 70% :). I went home and lit a candle, poured two glasses of cider (in our wine glasses to get a laugh), and made homemade smores in the oven. This simple gesture brought smiles and laughter to my wife’s face, and encouraged a very enjoyable evening talking with one another about God, life, and family.

So, if you are struggling in romancing your wife, don’t be afraid to be simple, and even silly sometimes. It is these things that are done in love that can warm your wife, and can cultivate a happy marriage.

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Realizing this is long overdue, it’s time for introductions.

Our beautiful daughter, Talitha Renee Moats, was born on October 21 at 5:04 a.m. She weighed in at 7lbs 8oz and was 20.5 inches long. The Lord gave Ashton great grace as she labored for 22 hours, pushing for two of those hours. I will hopefully tell some of the “labor story” at a later date. Talitha has been a great joy to us, but not without its struggles. Ashton’s painful recovery from an awful tear, the long nights of getting up every half hour, and learning to be a parent have been difficult. But, there is a beauty in the struggle. God is using these things to give us a deeper understanding of his love for his children, a practical knowledge that we have never had before.

Here are few pictures of this little girl, one or two per week she has been with us. I hope that being a father and being home more will give me more incentive to blog more faithfully.

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