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Throwback Thursday

For our first Throwback Thursday I bring to you one of the greatest songs of human history, written by Dexy’s Midnight Runners. Come on Eileen, according to Wikipedia, was the biggest selling British single in 1982 and spent 4 weeks at number 1 in August of that year. In has sense been covered by many bands, including the ska band Save Ferris, and can still be heard on many t.v. shows and 80’s clubs. Not that I really know, once again…..Wikipedia. Enjoy!


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Pulled from the Wreckage

 Here are some pictures from what is left after an f3 tornado ripped through my neighborhood in Prattville, Alabama. From what I understand, most of the damage and debris was cleaned up. These are some pictures of what is still left. More to come soon.






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Links 4 You

1. An Exposition of the Book of Revelation by Dr Arturo Azurdia is now free at Monergism. All you have to do is pay for shipping. Check it Out.

2. Sovereign Grace Ministries is now offering all of their cd’s for $6 throughout the month of February. Check some of these out for gospel-centered music that is hard to find.

3. Derek Webb and Sandra Mccracken’s new album togethor entitled “Ampersand” is out and can be purchased for $6 here. Once you buy it you can download it instantly and the actual cd will be mailed to you by the street date which is April 22.

4. Tim Keller’s new book A Reason for God is finally out after much anticipation and waiting. Here is a link to the Reason for God Website, which has video’s, sermons and helpful articles from Keller which are sure to be beneficial. You can also click here for some sermons dedicated to much of the idea within the book.

5. You guys should check out the photography of this girl. Her name is Mandii Erwin and she is a good friend of my wife Ashton. She is a graduate from the University of Montevallo and is a phenomenal photographer.

6. So it is finally here. Punch Brothers feat. Chris Thile’s new album is coming out Tuesday 2/26/08. Be sure to check out their Myspace page to hear some incredible music that will be on their new album Punch! They will be playing at the 930 Listening Room here in Louisville on March 8. Be sure to check this show out, you will not be dissapointed.

7. Here are some pictures of my hometown, Prattville, Alabama the day after a f3 tornado came through. The storm left many without anything but a wall and a toilet standing. Remember to pray for mercy to be shown to these people and that people would worship the one true God as a result of this sovereing storm.

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Friday Photography




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I had the privelage to see Shane and Shane live on Friday night at Southern Seminary’s Alumni Chapel. Here are  a few shots I snagged during the show. Enjoy!




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Act of Congress

I have not been blogging as of late for many great reasons. The Lord has blessed me with an excellent, Christ-like wife who is serving my soul and she has been an abounding source of joy in the Lord. We have been spending much time getting into the swing of things, a.k.a. getting the apartment togethor which seems to take much longer than we expected. I have also started back to school and though I am only taking two classes, the reading load is still great in light of my duties as a husband. Pray for me as I seek to nourish and cherish Ashton, and strive to love her as Christ has loved his bride and body.

 Ok, now I want to tell you about an excellent band that is based in Birmingham, Alabama–Act of Congress. They are extremely talented and have a fresh, unique style that is reminiscent of Nickel Creek and Chris Thile. The band consists of Bethany Borg (fiddle/vocals), Tim Carroll (bass/vocals), Chris Griffin (guitar/dobro/vocals), and Adam Wright(mandolin/guitar/vocals). All of the members are phenomenal musicians and excellent vocalists, and for once they are a band whose original pieces outshine the great covers they play in their shows.

So I encourage you guys to keep up with this group and to check out their Myspace. I also encourage you all to check out Adam Wright’s myspace. Here are a few videos that have recently been put on Youtube. The first is their performance of “Paperback Writer” at the Workplay Theatre, and the second is a promo video that they have put togethor.

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