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Here are the final results for the Iowa Caucus. Obama and Huckabee came out on top for their respecting parties, both of them winning by significant numbers. Later in the evening Jonathan Edwards, who beat out Hillary Clinton 30% to 29%, appeared on Larry King Live and stated that the American people need to realize that Hillary is on the backburner and that he is the main competitor for Obama. I enjoyed that this was a statement made while the Democratic statistics were at the bottom of the screen.

The Democratic Party                      The Republican Party
1. Obama – 38%                                       1. Huckabee – 34%
2. Edwards – 30%                                    2. Romney – 25%
3. Clinton – 29%                                        3. Thompson – 13%
4. Richardson – 2%                                  4. McCain – 13%
5. Biden – 1%                                            5. Paul – 10%
6. Dodd – 0%                                             6. Guiliani – 4%
                                                                  7. Hunter – 1%

Here is the video of Edwards on Larry King

And here is Barack Obama’s Iowa Caucus Victory Speech


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 As many of you know, sermon audio from Immanuel Baptist Church in Louisville, Kentucky is now up and running. This is a wealth of powerful expository preaching and I strongly recommend you all to visit this site often.

For those of you who want to hear some great, Christ-Centered preaching from the Old Testament, CLICK HERE. Pastor Ryan is currently preaching through Joshua on Sunday Mornings and I know you will love these messages.

Click HERE for the sermons preached earlier this year in the series: Men and Women: Untangling the Tangled Webs We Weave. Here Ryan deals with issues such as Manhood, Womanhood, Marriage and Raising Kids, Singleness, and Divorce.

Here are the links to Pastor Ryan Fullerton’s sermons from New Years and Christmas. I highly recommend you all to listen to them.

1. Christmas Goes Against the Grain of Backwards Religions
2. The Difference Between Dreaming New Year’s Resolutions and Doing Them

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