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Greg Gibson Freestyle

I recently moved into an apartment with my good friend Greg Gibson, and this is the kind of thing that occurs when it is 4:30 in the morning and you have been hanging out for about six hours. Enjoy.


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Angry Old Lady

Last week, myself and a few of my brothers were making a casual trip to the mall to enjoy some chick-fila. We made a quick stop at Kameron’s bank so that he could go inside and set up an account. As a few of us were sitting in the van, I looked over and noticed that there was incredibly angry elderly woman behind a bush. Now, this sweet lady was not just standing behind the bush, she was creeping around and peeking over it as if waiting for her worst enemy to appear so that she could destroy her with the lighting that comes from her eyes.
Naturally, I felt the need to snap some pictures of her. Enjoy.



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Church Signs

Here are three signs that I have seen in recent days.

Louisville, Kentucky
Opp, Alabama
Knoxville, Tennessee

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Quote of the Day

“If you are preaching from the Old Testament, and you would not get kicked out of a Jewish synagogue, you are not rightly preaching from the Old Testament.”
-Brian Payne, Instructor of Expository Preaching at Boyce College.

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Many of you already know about the bridge that collapsed Wednesday in Minneapolis. The bridge collapsed during rush hour, a few have been found dead and others are known to still be in there cars in the water. Officials say that they know there will be more casualties, it is just a matter of how many. To read some biblical thoughts on this incident, see the Desiring God posts that are being written about it. I also refer you to Luke 13:1-5 to see how Jesus handled the same situation when other’s asked him about it.

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Back to the Grind

I would like to thank you all for allowing me this much needed time of rest for two weeks, followed by a study sabbatical for the following two weeks. I am now back doing my thing here, and with a camera in hand.
This summer has been great and very busy. I was forced out of the dorms mid-summer because I am moving off campus next semester. I have been squating with a few of my brothers and will continue to do so until August 15th, when I move into an apartment with Greg Gibson.
For now, here are a few pics from Sunergos yesterday evening.
This is the owner’s son.
You know….




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