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Acts 29

Scott Thomas has written two helpful articles regarding Acts 29 and the missional church movement. One is entitled Seven Misrepresentations of Acts 29, and the other is on the Missional Church. I found both of these articles helpful for clarification on Acts 29 and the missional church, for they are often misrepresented and not understood rightly, and I encourage you all to take a look at them.
Also, for those interested, you can click here to read the doctrinal statement of Acts 29.


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Down But Not Out

Here is a quick update on me for those of you who come here.
I haven’t had the time to write in while, with school getting very busy and my body getting less and less sleep. I look forward to being able to write on here much this summer, there have been many things I have been thinking about that I would love imput on.
I took the last step a few weeks ago in the promotion process at UPS, a 100 question test that judges whether or not you will be a benificial person to be in a management position. I did well. This means that I will soon be promoted, working about 2-3 hours more a night than I am presently, but I will also be making enough money to move into an apartment this summer and support Ashton and I after we get married.
Last summer I read around 25 books or so and this summer I plan on doing around the same amount, and will be posting through those books as well.
For now, I do not have the internet, which definately has its advantages in my being able to focus. I am here at a coffee house with free wireless in order to update you guys. I will hopefully be posting nearly everyday this summer once I have the internet again.
Apologies for the lack of posts, the last months have been exhausting.

Here are a few things that I have enjoyed lately.
1. How Jesus Transforms the Ten Commandments
2. The Doctrine of the Knowledge of God
3. Men Made New: By John Stott- An Exposition of Romans 5-8

1. Irish Calvinist – blog
2. Timmy Brister – blog

And this video by our boy Derek Webb.
This video is exciting because he states his belief that Caedmon’s is going to make a comeback. And it is to my suspicion that he will be joining them again, or at least joining them on their new album.
The song is called Trouble, and he wrote it for the new Caedmon’s album.

please return soon.

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